Collection of various patches for various opensource programs (or other opensource stuff):
bugfix.patch64bit compatibility fix for Bugless zip library [GPL]
cz-density-2009-03-15.pngHustota bodu, stav k 15.03.2009 [CC-BY-SA]
cz-density-2009-04-16.pngHustota bodu, stav k 16.04.2009 [CC-BY-SA]
cz-density-2009-05-30.pngHustota bodu, stav k 30.05.2009 [CC-BY-SA]
cz-density-2009-06-19.pngHustota bodu, stav k 19.06.2009 [CC-BY-SA]
cz.missing.pngMalo zmapovane oblasti v OSM [CC-BY-SA]
czechia-071115-3whist.pngDump czechia-071115.osm, historie 3 tydny, 1600pix [CC-BY-SA]
czechia-081006-3whist-4x.pngDump czechia-081006.osm, historie 3 tydny, 6400pix [CC-BY-SA]
czechia-081006-3whist.pngDump czechia-081006.osm, historie 3 tydny, 1600pix [CC-BY-SA]
czechia-081006-3wlist-10x.pngDump czechia-081006.osm, historie 3 tydny, 16000pix [CC-BY-SA]
czechia-081007-history.zipDump czechia-081007.osm, historie, 1600pix [CC-BY-SA]
dupnodes.plSkript na nalezeni duplicitnich bodu/bodu na stejne pozici [CC0/public domain]
glosm-viewer-zizkovsky-vysilac.pngZizkovsky vysilac zobrazeny v glosm [CC-BY-SA]
gpsmid-src.7zGPSMid source code (version from CVS with modified style file and icons) [GPL]
GpsMidCZ-0.6.2.jadGPSMid jad generated from data from [GPL+CC-BY-SA]
GpsMidCZ-0.6.2.jarGPSMid jar generated from data from [GPL+CC-BY-SA]
GpsMidCZ-loc-CZ-CVS.jarGPSMid jar generated from data from [GPL+CC-BY-SA]
histogram.zipHistogram 0.1 [MIT license]
import-data-800+w.xml.bz2OSM data - czech cities and vilages (unimported inaccurate data) [CC-BY-SA]
import-data.xml.bz2OSM data - czech cities and vilages (imported data) [CC-BY-SA]
multipoly-old.jarOSM Multipolygon plugin [GPL] - compiled JAR file for JOSM before 2259
multipoly-old.zipOSM Multipolygon plugin [GPL] - source code for JOSM before 2259
multipoly.jarOSM Multipolygon plugin [GPL] - compiled JAR file
multipoly.zipOSM Multipolygon plugin [GPL] - source code
mylocation-full.propertiesProperties file used for generating GpsMidCZ-loc-CZ-CVS.jar [GPL]
osm-age.plSkript na spocitani hustoty bodu a historie [CC0/public domain]
osm-tracer.zipTracer svn r10 s prefetch[viz svn]
Osm2GpsMid-0.4.1.jarCreator of .jar files with map (CVS version) [GPL]. Usage: java -Xmx1024M -jar Osm2GpsMid-0.4.1.jar czechia-XXXXXX.osm.bz2 mylocation-full
usr-2009-03-15-time.txtStatistics of contributors (Czech republic, sorted by last contribution time) [CC-BY-SA]
usr-2009-03-15-top.txtStatistics of contributors (Czech republic, sorted by activity) [CC-BY-SA]
usr-explain.txtStatistics of contributors (Explanation of table columns) [CC-BY-SA]
License is indicated in square brackets